Tae-Hyung Kim (T Kim)
Principal Research Engineer
KT AI Tech Center, South Korea
PhD, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, USA
MS, Yonsei University, Korea
BS, Yonsei University, Korea

• Ph.D. with expertise in artificial neural networks
• Work experience in commercial dialog systems for a smart speaker

Artificial Intelligence in General
– Machine Learning/Deep Learning
– Artificial Neural Networks Applications
– Computer Go, Brain, Mind,
Dialog System
–  Smart SpeakerVirtual Personal Assistant
•  Computer Network, Wireless Network

Surfing: Intermediate-level Long Boarder
• Playing Music: Keyboard, Guitar (Acoustic & Bass)
Syntopical Reading in Various Topics
• Traveling

• Korean: Mother Tongue
• English: Native or Bilingual Proficiency
• Japanese: Native or Bilingual Proficiency
• German: Elementary Proficiency
• Chinese: (Learned) Standard  & Cantonese

Tae-Hyung Kim, or T Kim in short, is a principal research engineer at KT (Korea Telecom) AI Tech Center. He started his career at Sony Korea in 2003. Kim received his B.S. and M.S. from Yonsei University in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and his Ph.D. from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly, University of Missouri-Rolla) in 2012.

Kim joined KT’s Natural Language Processing team with an interest to a project that developed virtual personal assistant in Korean. So he came back to Korea. After joining KT, he took part in doing  R&D (research and development) in this virtual personal assistant project,  commercial recommender system for IPTV, and commercial dialog system for a smart speaker GiGA Genie. He is also a founding member of AI Tech Center, KT’s central R&D organization for artificial intelligence.

Kim was introduced to the field of artificial neural networks by Donald C. Wunsch II, a distinguished scholar in this field. He joined and finished his Ph.D. under Wunsch’s advisory after passing the Ph.D. qualifier at University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he received International Fellowship. Kim participated an NSF project that applied artificial neural networks to Computer Go funded by Paul Werbos, a former NSF director and the father of Backpropagation algorithm. He also participated a DARPA‘s SPINDLE program that developed Disruption Tolerant Networking, NASA‘s solution to reliable internetworking for space missions. He interned at BBN Technology and Qualcomm under the mentorship of Rajesh Krishnan (unofficial) and Harinath Garudadri in 2005 and 2007, respectively. He also taught undergraduate and graduate courses as a course instructor for three and two semesters, respectively.

During his masters, Kim participated the Qualcomm Yonsei Joint Research Program as a member of Mobile Communication Lab with Don Ku Kim, a renowned Korean scholar in the field of wireless communications. Toward the end of his degree, he won Siemens Student Program and moved to Germany. Under the mentorship of Gesa Lorenz and Ludger Marwitz at Siemens mobile,  he completed his Praktikum and Diplomarbeit along with his M.S.

During his bachelors, Kim was awarded Dean’s List Honor and then introduced to research under the advisory of Kwanghoon Sohn, a renowned Korean scholar in the field of image processing/computer vision.

Kim has lived in eleven cities in four countries (Korea, Japan, Germany, and USA). This experience made him trilingual, social, adaptable, patient, and comprehensive. He had chances to cultivate leadership skills in diverse environments and to travel around the neighboring cities. His curious, analytical, and organizational traits helped to expand his scope, cultural understanding, and people. He enjoys interacting with people and contributing to the community he belongs.

His family name is Kim, the given name is Tae-Hyung, and  the Catholic name is Joseph. The names’ spelling (in Korean and Chinese characters) along with the corresponding pronunciations (in English, Chinese, and Japanese) are below.

Due to the complexity of the names in his international surroundings, he goes by T instead of Tae-Hyung because T is easier to pronounce and memorize than Tae-Hyung. So his casual name is T Kim.