Signal Processing

Xavier Serra offers Spectral Modeling Synthesis Tools or sms-tools (on GitHub) which is sound analysis/synthesis tools for music applications written in Python.

Xavier Serra and Julius O Smith III teach online courses on Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications at Coursera and Stanford Online. Refer to the course syllabus for the detailed information.

Week 1: Introduction; basic mathematics
Week 2: Discrete Fourier transform
Week 3: Fourier transform properties
Week 4: Short-time Fourier transform
Week 5: Sinusoidal model
Week 6: Harmonic model
Week 7: Sinusoidal plus residual modeling
Week 8: Sound transformations
Week 9: Sound/music description
Week 10: Concluding topics; beyond audio signal processing

Matlab/Octave users may refer to Audio Signal Processing Basics by Jarno Seppänen.