Installing on Windows

In order to install Octave on Windows, first, install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and then Octave.
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is required to install Octave.

Step 1. Download JRE
Open the recent stable version of JRE (if it’s not installed on your system).
Step 1.1. Go to Java SE Runtime Environment 8 – Downloads – Oracle.
Step 1.2. Click “Accept license Agreement”.
Step 1.3. Select your system and download the installation file.

For 64 bit Windows, select Windows x64 Offline; for 32 bit Windows, either Windows x86 Online or Windows x86 Offline. If you use the recent Windows system, it’s 64 bit. So click Windows x64 Offline that downloads “jre*-windows-x64.exe”.

Step 2. Install JRE
This is a regular Windows installation process.

Step 2.1. Double-click the downloaded file”jre*-windows-x64.exe”.
Step 2.2. Follow the instructions. (Normally, hit next and finish.)

Octave download and installation process is quite straightforward. It’s yet another Windows installation process.

Step 3. Download Octave
Step 3.1. Go to the Octave download page.
Step 3.2. Select the appropriate installer for your system. “octave*w64-installer.exe” if your Windows is recent or 64 bit.

​Step 4. Install Octave
Step 4.1. Double-click the downloaded file”octave*w64-installer.exe”.
Step 4.2. Just follow the instructions.

Step 5. Run Octave
Verify if Octave is installed properly by running it.